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    Nowadays, in an era where everything is easily accessible with a single click, many people question the need to go to school or university. Do you want to know the date when Man walked on the moon? Look for it on Google. Want to listen to music? Take a tour on YouTube. Do you want to know how much 67% of 110 represents? Today’s phones are equipped with calculators to let you know. However, even with all this information, 24 hours a day, school or university teaches us much more than a few equations to solve or a few dates to remember. Not only is learning in a classroom or on the benches of an amphitheater fundamentally different from a brief search for a few minutes in front of a screen but a huge part – and in my opinion, the best – of school or university life lies in the interpersonal relationships established between teachers and students. However, going back to school after a long summer break can be difficult. To facilitate this step, website here has identified some ways to land smoothly and improve your start to the school year!